Being Connected with Someone

Being Connected with Someone

September 7, 2023 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone, and you felt like you have known them forever? When this happens it likely means you have a strong soul connection with them. This can be a soulmate and can lead to you understanding them instantly.

We all show love differently and here are some signs that you share a place with a soulmate or that you have a strong soulmate connection:

  • Beliefs and Thoughts

When you have a strong soulmate connection then chances are that you will have the same values, beliefs, and thoughts that they have. They will feel very familiar to you, and this is because you have a chance to share things that not everyone shares.

You might have the same ideas when it comes to religion, health, family, or other things.

  • They Make You Better

A strong connection can be a connection that makes you want to be the best person that you can be.  These deep connections can help you to be caring, kind, loving and to be yourself. They want you to be who you are even if they don’t always agree with you.

  • They Take Your Breath Away

Sometimes seeing someone that you are connected with will take your breath away. They will come to you, and you will forget what you are doing because you are so intrigued with them. You won’t even believe that you have the feelings that you have.

  • You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

This will be someone that you can’t get off of your mind. You might think about them all the time and you will see that your soulmate is there, and you can’t concentrate on anything else.

  • They Make You Feel Home

One sign of being with a soulmate is that they make you feel at home when you are with them. They want you to be who you are and not to be fake. They like you just as you are, and you click together.

  • Dreaming

Sometimes you will have the same dreams as your soulmate. This means that you will share the same goals and the same ideas. Since you are a soulmate, you are probably part of the same soul group.

You might like to travel and so will they. They will have the same goals and ideas that you have.

  • You Always Want to Be with Them

You will love being around this person and you will feel stronger when you are with them. When they aren’t by you, even for a day, you will miss them and long to be with them.

Something happens to you when you are with them that makes you not want to be anywhere else unless they are there.

  • They Make You Confused

Your feelings will be so strong that it will make you feel confused. When you talk to them, you might even forget what you are going to say because they already seem to answer your questions before you ask them. You will tremble when you see them, and your emotions will be strong. You will have joy and you will not understand why you are so lucky.

These are feelings that are normal, and you will see that your mind and your heart are working together to show you that this connection is meant to be.

  • You Are Connected to Their Brain

Since your souls have been together in many past lifetimes, chances are that you will be connected telepathically. You won’t have to speak to communicate, and you can read each other’s thoughts.

You will feel that your brain is the same as their and you will think the same things at the same time. You will have the same type of goals and you will enjoy the same kinds of hobbies. No matter what they are doing, you will want to do it with them.

  • There is Strong Communication

This will be a person that you can communicate openly with. You will be able to share the same thoughts and talk about things that are important to both of you. You will never run out of things to talk about. You won’t judge each other, and you will have a strong trust.

  • Even Being Silent is Good

Sometimes silence can be uncomfortable but when you are with this person there will never be any awkwardness. You will understand this person and you will see that you are most comfortable when you are with them.

No matter what you are doing, you will enjoy doing it as long as you are together, even sitting in silence.

  • You Feel Sparks

When you are with this person you can feel their energy. It seems to spark your soul and will make you feel whole. You can’t control how excited that you get when you’re with them and you will feel drawn to their body.

You will share chemistry and you will have such a deep connection you will even be physically attracted to them.

  • You Enjoy Each Other

You love to be around each other, and the feeling is mutual. It will feel like your heart even beats at the same time as them. No matter what you are doing, you feel drawn to them, and you feel that each time you see them that your soul is coming together for the first time.

You will always feel excited to be around them and you never have to wonder if they are excited because they will tell you. They will miss you when they aren’t with you, and they will love you.

  • You Fall in Love Right Away

Even though it seems that it takes time to fall in love, you will feel differently with your soulmate. You will instantly love them, and you will share your hope and dreams with them.

Like all great relationships, the relationship can only go forward, and you will see that your heart will be aligned when you meet your soulmate. No matter where you are, your soulmate will make you swoon each time you see them.

You will have a natural attraction to them, and it will never end. You will feel that you want to put all of your effort into loving them and you will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

  • Loving Yourself

It is important that before you ever meet your soulmate that you learn to love yourself first. Make sure that you are taking care of you and that you are living your true life. If there are things that you need to fix inside of you, fix them and be true to yourself.

Learn from your past relationships and from past lessons and know that there are always mistakes to be made but lessons to be learned from them. Don’t feel unworthy of love and know that the universe has good plans for you.

  • Attracting a Soulmate

In order to attract your soulmate, you need to make sure that you are mature in yourself. Make sure that you are in control of your life and that you are looking to find a partner that fits your needs. Be willing to give part of yourself and to do things that will bring success to your life.

  • Be Your Own Person

Before you ever go with a soulmate, make sure that you are able to live on your own and to be independent. This is important. You shouldn’t need to have a soulmate, but you should just want to have one. There is a big difference between want and need.

  • Be Stable

Make sure that you are stable in your emotions and in your finances. Money can’t make you happy but as long as you are dependent on other people to supply your needs, you will never be able to make it on your own. This is important to figure out before you ever get into a relationship.

Final Thoughts

Finding a soulmate is an exciting thing and you are there to make them happy and vice versa. Find someone that the universe sends you and make sure that they are the one meant for you. This connection will be powerful, and you will find this person makes you happy.

As you go forward in your life and your relationship, make decisions together that bring you both peace and joy. Find relationships in the right places and make sure that your love life is healthy.