Learn to Get Over Unrequited Love

Learn to Get Over Unrequited Love

April 1, 2021 0 By Lexie Hernandez

There are many different kinds of love that you can experience in your life but the hardest to deal with is unrequited love. This article will show you how to get over this kind of love and to live a happier life.

Unrequited love is love that you have for someone, but they don’t have for you. They want your attention, and they like it, but they do not make a choice to be with you. If you are going through this kind of love, you have to be realistic in your life and go back to finding your own happiness.

Getting Over Unrequited Love

You may want to get over this kind of love, but you have to remember that sometimes healing can be slow. Here are some ways that you can get over this kind of love and feel yourself again.

Stay Away from Them

No matter how much you like someone, if they don’t love you back, you have to stay away from them. Do not go to the same places that they go and find someone else to hang out with.

If you love someone that just uses you, walk away. This is not ever easy but if your crush is not one that is going to love you, find a way to walk away and stay away from them.

Stop Talking to Them

If your crush tries to talk to you, cut the conversation short. Do not spend a lot of time talking to them. Do not take their complements and just walk away.

Do not flirt and try not to open up to them. Have a good time and then walk away. Learn to not be confused in how they are treating you.

You have to learn to be firm and to know that you are better than that.


You must learn to love yourself and to learn to have more self-respect. Learn to accept who you are.

It hurts when someone doesn’t love you back but if he respected you then it would be different. Just because he doesn’t respect you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect yourself.

Unrequited love can be hurtful but be confident anyways. Learn to love yourself and believe that you will get what you want. You deserve better.

Stop Being Stupid

Stop being stupid. Being in love can make you stupid. Do not go out and do things for him and work hard to try to make him love you.

Your crush might use you because he knows you like him, and you need to stop letting him do this to you.

Don’t bother helping him in any way. Do not be stupid and do not give him the idea that he can laugh at you and use you.

No Happy Ending

You have to understand that you will be hurt if you keep letting him use you. You have to realize that you have fallen in love with someone that will not love you back.

Knowing that you have been dumb might hurt you, but you have to realize that you deserve better.

Your crush might act like they like you here and there but remind yourself that you want more. Remind yourself that this is one sided and that he will never be with you.

As exciting as he may seem, you deserve to be happy, and he will not make you happy.

Relationships where the other person is in control of your emotions can be hard. Unrequited love can be this way. If you love him and he doesn’t care about you, he is controlling your emotions.

Get out of these feelings and do not fall in love with him any deeper. Learn to not be around him and do not let him sweet talk you just to keep you around.

Make New Friends

Find other people to hang out with and make new friends. Do what it takes to keep yourself busy and occupied.

Find old friends and reconnect with them or do things to make new friends. Do not stay at home sulking but go out and have fun. Take a class, pick up a new hobby. Find happiness in your life.

To get over your crush, you have to find new things to do. Find new experiences and have fun. Make memories with yourself and your friends.

Meet New People to Date

The best way to get over your crush is to date new people. Find people that you enjoy hanging out with and go out with them. Make new friends and go on new dates.

Do things that make you happy. Don’t try to find someone serious just learn to have fun and to date around. You don’t have to fall in love with someone to have fun with them.

Go out and have fun and find happiness. You will see that you can get your old life back and that you can find love.