Being in a Serious Relationship

Being in a Serious Relationship

April 8, 2021 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Most people will never forget when they fell in love the first time ever. This is a moment where their heart become soft and where the world seemed to be all good. It was a time where you lost focus on things around you and you only had eyes for your partner. They consumed you and became your only desire. This was a time that you knew that you were in love and you hoped that it would be forever.

It is hard to remember the moment that you were in your first serious relationship. No one talks about how they felt the first time they held hands or the first time they split the check at the restaurant. The little things aren’t talked about because the change of falling in love and being in a relationship can come with mixed emotions. Love and comfort become mixed with fear.

It is hard to tell when you are ready to be in a serious relationship and so when you date someone, this can be scary. If you don’t know if you want to be in a long-term relationship, you need to figure out what being in a relationship is all about.

What is a Serious Relationship?

Being in a serious relationship means that you want to have a future with that person. It can mean that you cannot imagine your life without them. It can mean marriage or just moving in together. Not all serious relationships should happen, and they should lend right away.

Casual Dating Versus Serious Relationships

People often hook up and when they are casually dating, they can date different people instead of being with someone all the time. Not everyone wants to get serious.

Many women and men like hooking up much more than being in a serious relationship and even people that are committed often wish that they could go back to being single.

Some people are not willing to be with one person all the time and it is different for each person. Many people hook up so that they can have fun and that they can take time to fall in love. Some people believe in slow love which means they try different partners, and they have sex with different people before they choose to get serious.

They believe that this helps to lay a better foundation and helps them to know if they want to make the next move or not.

Signs of a Committed Relationship

When you fall in love and you decide to commit, you are going to be less obsessed with your partner. Before you get serious, you probably are always thinking of them and you feel addicted to them. Once things get more serious, you no longer worry that they will ignore you or that things will go wrong.

However, you want to be with your partner, they will know that you are interested in them and them in you.


You will see that you become equal in asking each other out. This happens when you are more committed, and you show interest in each other. You reach out to each other and you spend less time obsessing over who is going to ask who out.

Having Other Partners

When you get in a serious relationship, you think less about being with someone else and you star thinking of your future with your partner. You date less and you don’t get attracted to people that you pass by. You become devoted to your partner.

Meeting Family

Once you become serious, you will be introduced to your partners friend and family and vice versa. Once this happens, it means the relationship is getting serious. You will no longer feel that you have to impress everyone, and you will see that the introduction goes well.

Talking About Everything

When you were just hooking up, your conversations were never deep but shallow. Now that things are serious, you find that you want to talk about things that are serious. You want to discuss what your goals are and what you want in the future.

You no longer feel like just talking about sex and you find other things that are more important to talk about.


At first when you are in a relationship all you think about is sex. Once you are more serious about each other, you see that you don’t have to have sex to feel loved.

Being in a causal relationship means you want to hook up but when you are with someone you are serious about, things become more serious, and you want to talk about things and make plans for the future.


You will begin to feel very comfortable with your partner once you become serious. You will spend time with them without putting your makeup on and you will be brave and invite them over when you are sick or not looking your best.

Splitting the Check

Even though most of society thinks that the men should pay for everything, you don’t want to make him impress you and you choose to split the check. This can mean you are being more serious and that you are being honest about what is going on in the finances.


You want your partner to be successful and you are not jealous of their career. You want them to have everything they want, and you want them to be proud of you as well.


When you are in a serious relationship, you know that they will be there for you tomorrow. They will not leave you because you are meant to be together. You have no doubt that you are in a long-term relationship and you are committed.

How to Avoid Being Serious

There are ways that you can avoid being serious. You can make sure that you are staying casual, and you can choose to date other people. If you don’t want to be serious, tell them. Never ghost someone that you are with.

Having a conversation about what you want is never easy but if you care for them then you need to tell them what you want. If you want something more than a casual date here and there, tell them. If it has to end, it will be better for you in the end.