What Men Want in a Relationship

What Men Want in a Relationship

April 7, 2022 0 By Lexie Hernandez

People that are looking to date might not know what a guy wants because they often have a hard time telling you. Some women get frustrated because it is hard for them to communicate with their partner, and they don’t know what they are really looking for.

Men often hide their feelings because of how they grew up and they don’t want to be needy. There is a real difference between being needy and having needs.

Everyone has needs and if you want to understand a guy better, but he won’t tell you, here are some things to know:

Wanting a Teammate

Men want to be with someone that is going to go with them and spend time with them. They want someone that will go with them when they have a business picnic or even when they want to just watch television on the couch.

Men want to be with someone that they can be friends with. Guys enjoy doing things and they don’t want to always be the one asking. They want someone to ask them to do things just as much as they ask.

Men want someone they can grow with, and they want to be with someone that shares their dreams, goals and can see the two as a team and a “we”.


Men want to be with someone that will support them. They want the woman that they choose to help them to accomplish their goals. They want to be encouraged and supported and they will support you in return.


A man wants to be with a woman that has humor and makes him laugh. Men love to make women keep smiling and laughing and they will text funny things and tell funny stories.

Life is not always easy, and it can be hard so when you are in a relationship that you can have fun in, that is the best kind.

Making You Feel Great

A good man will do what it takes to make his woman feel great. He will compliment her, take her out, make her smile and show her value.

This will make a man feel like he has a place in your life and a place that no one else can fill. When he feels appreciated, he will make you feel appreciated.


Men want to be able to provide for you. They want to help you with whatever you need and give you what you want. They will do things like open doors for you and pull out your seat at dinner time. They want to do the small things to show their love for you. Men are natural providers for women, and they want to nurture them as well.

Do not ever shut a guy down and tell him that you can do things on your own. It is in their instincts to help you and that makes them happy.

Make You Proud

Another thing men want is to make you proud of them. If you are not proud of the person you are with then you are with the wrong kind of person.

Stable Life

Men want to be with women that are stable in the relationship. Even though this seems like something only women want, that is not true. They want to know what they are going to come home to and how their life is going to be.

When there are too many fights, it makes men wonder if they are giving their heart to the wrong person.

Intimate Times

Men want to have sex but even more they want to be intimate with someone. They want to be able to tell the person that they love everything in their life, both good and bad. They want to have an emotional connection and to have love, sex, affection, and trust.

Sex is one thing that men want because it shows them that they are connected both physically and emotionally.


One of the biggest things that men want and crave is value. They want to know that the woman that they are with loves and appreciates them. They want this all the time.

They want to see small acts of kindness and appreciation given to them. It doesn’t matter how the woman shows this, they just want to know that they are valued and cared for.

They want to know that they are important and that you will never have someone that you appreciate more than them. They want to feel safe and be with someone that is going to love and cherish them for a lifetime.