14 Tips to Ensure a Relationship Will Endure the Test of Time

14 Tips to Ensure a Relationship Will Endure the Test of Time

September 30, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

It can be confusing to understand what it means when someone says a relationship “takes work.”  It makes sense that people want to focus on the good and pleasurable moments in a relationship and not the hard and difficult ones.  We have compiled 14 tips to help you fix any stagnation or frustrations you might be experiencing in your relationship so you both can enjoy the healthy love you both deserve.

  1. Be gracious with money discussions

Arguing about money is a surefire way to hurt a relationship.  Having open and honest conversations about how money is accrued, spent, saved, and allocated.  It’s important that you both explore how each of you view finances, what your differences are, and ways to address these points.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

If you bring up a point, will it cause an argument?  If so, what good would an argument serve?  Typically, small points are symptomatic of larger issues.  Focus on the bigger disagreements and you’ll notice the small annoyances fade.

  1. Sharing is caring!

When you tell your partners your hopes, fears, and concerns it gives them better insight as to your mindset.  Allocating time to talk about matters that matter to each of you allow you both grow as individuals and as a couple in healthy ways.

  1. Be kind

You become better lovers when you see each other as treasured friends.  This attitude improves your levels of respect, consideration, and trust grows your relationship in exponential ways.

  1. Work together to solve issues

Healthy relationships involve working together to create growth and resolutions, while avoiding any win/lose dynamic.  Work to give each other the benefit of the doubt during disagreements and you reach solutions more effectively.

  1. Be affectionate daily

Affection is more than sex.  Give each a hug, stroke on the arm or hold hands.  All this builds connection and trust.  If you want more or less affection tell your partner and find a solution.

  1. Keep positive

Share what you value in your partner.  Reminisce about first attract you to each other or special moments in your life.  Highlighting the positive moments helps you get through the more difficult times more effectively.

  1. Support each other

Be your partner’s biggest cheerleader.  What matters to them should matter in ways to you as well.  Cultivating enthusiasm for projects or moments helps you both feel healthier as individuals and as a couple.

  1. Walk your talk

Don’t say you love each other.  Doing small thoughtful acts everyday curries more weight.

  1. Understand ups and downs in relationships are natural

Just like with your finances, love is like an investment system of debits and credits.  You guys in this for the long haul so often the small bumps in the road will smooth out with time.

  1. Always be respectful

Lobbing insults or hurts won’t get each of you anywhere but into a fight.  When you can be respectful you can work as allies into solving any problem.

  1. Have each other’s back

Being supportive is the best way to keep a relationship strong.

  1. Have couple goals

Frequently discuss what you both want out of your relationship.  Revisit these discussions periodically like monthly or yearly.  Then work together as a team to achieve these goals.

  1. Prioritize your partner

By making them a priority you are showing them how much you sincerely care about them and your relationship.

Following these ways can help your relationship stay strong, healthy and joyful since you both will feel closer to each other.  Although relationships can be difficult working together in a smart and mindful ways can help you grow as individuals and as a couple.