7 Ways to Tell Your Partner Isn’t Your Soulmate

7 Ways to Tell Your Partner Isn’t Your Soulmate

January 24, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

So, you think you found your soulmate.  Often the people we expect to be our soulmates are not and were sent to be in our lives for another purpose.  We all have unique ways of sensing a soulmate.  For some, it will be sense of unconditional love and freedom to be fully yourself.  While others discover soulmates help them process conflict easier.  With others is a simple sense of just “knowing.”

Navigating the rocky waters of relationships is difficult and it can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns on your way to discovering your one true love.  Instead of seeing your partner for who they truly are, you manufacture the situation to mold them into who you want them to be.  This is a dangerous path that can force us into settling for a less than optimal life partner.  If you are seeking to understand whether your love is the best one for you, read the following seven ways to tell if your partner isn’t your soulmate.

  1. Your Relationship is Solely Based on Lust

Although physical intimacy and compatibility is important to a relationship, it is never the foundation between soulmates.  Relationships rooted in lust can provide unnecessary intensity, conflict and hurt.  However, these dynamics may actually be preparing you to meet your soulmate, who will challenge you in key ways to help your soul evolve.  In passion-based affairs you will push yourself, better understand your values and identify key traits you are looking for in a mate.

  1. You Seek Clues to “Prove” Your Partner is Your Soulmate

Soulmates are never together out of a sense of desperation.  Although they will provide you opportunity for vital life lessons to improve yourself, a soulmate will never treat you badly or string you along.  Often if a person is looking “signs” their partner is “the one” they may be excusing bad behavior and staying in the relationship for fear of being alone.

  1. Your Life Revolves Around Your Partner

It is never healthy to obsess about your partner or drastically alter your sense of self to better suit their whims.  Take a step back at objectively look at your relationships patterns and ensure you both have a healthy sense of self.  If you find yourself codependent on this person, you may need therapy to address toxic behaviors or consider ending the romance.

  1. You Never Fight

Conflict is healthy in a relationship.  It’s how you both respond to a disagreement that can both help you grow as individuals and as a couple.  Grievances allow partners to air out their feelings safely and provide opportunities to work as a team to create a mutually beneficial solution.  In a relationship with your soulmate things overall with be peaceful and spirit-nurturing.  When issues arise, informative and respectful dialogue will commence for the sake of better understanding each other’s key issues and perceptions.  Knowing how to successfully navigate conflict together is essential for a relationship’s wellbeing.

  1. Your Relationship Fits into a Timeline

Soulmates are never just a part of your life for a season.  They will never focus on a “should” “must” or supposed to” in a dynamic to benefit someone’s timeline or expectations.  There is never a timeline for affection and evolves at its own pace at the proper time.

  1. You Have a Sense that it MUST Work Out

Again, desperation will never be a hallmark of a soulmate bond.  Soulmates can accept a relationship for how it actually is and never experience anxiety over something being required to “change for the better.”  Instead, respect is the foundation and the duo seek to honor, uplift and inspire each other to reach new personal heightens.  They will be sincerely happy and emboldened by each other’s growth and successes.

  1. You Never Feel like They are “The One”

When you meet your soulmate, you will feel it to the root of your very being.  You will have a unique gut reaction that tells you this person is “The One.”  When you are with your soulmate live evolves naturally and nothing feels forced in order to work.  Like any relationship you both will experience ups and down, but you will be able to do it harmoniously together.  When you’re with your soulmate you will instant and powerfully know they are “the one” for you.