Being Friends with Someone You Love

Being Friends with Someone You Love

September 13, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

When you love someone and they do not love you back, this one-sided love can be hard. Sometimes the one that is in love will know that the other person does not have the same feelings and it is hard to continue with this kind of rejection. It is hard to explain what unrequited love is, but the truth is, it is really just a feeling or an infatuation. So, how do you get over this kind of love?

Many people can never get over this kind of love because it can follow you no matter what you do. If you were rejected by someone that you love or if you found that the person you love never expressed how they really felt, getting over them can be hard.

Here are some ways you can get over this kind of love:


If you have a broken heart, chances are you might feel real pain. If your heart is breaking, there can be pain in your chest or aching and it can feel like a physical problem.

When you admit that you are hurt, you can begin to take care of yourself and you need to learn to nurture and care for yourself and your feelings just like you would if you were really injured. This does not mean that you should go and sleep your life away, it means that you need to find something to do such as a job, a hobby or something to get your mind off of them. Acknowledge that you are hurt and sad and then learn to move forward.


If you feel that you are having a hard time getting over this love, ask someone that you know about how they got over rejection in the past. Being rejected is hard and can make you feel like your heart is broken or make you feel ashamed or upset but there is nothing wrong with you, this is just what people go through.

Ask others how they got over their feelings and what you can do to make your life better. Maybe you need to go on a mini vacation or have a binge night on snacks.

If this has happened to you, you might feel that you are unlovable or not good enough, but you have to accept that you have just not found the right person for you.


One of the worse things that you can do is to become friends with someone that you love.  When you are friends with someone that you love, this can work out sometimes, but not normally.

Why Does it Work?

When you want to be friends with someone that you love, you can keep hope alive that they might someday love you but the truth is that you have to learn how to get out of the friendship into a romantic relationship. When you want to be friends with someone that you love, you might stay friends with them but really you are lying with yourself and with them.

The main reason for staying friends with someone that you love is because you have good communication and similar interests that they do, and they can be fun for you.

Why Doesn’t it Work?

Being friends with someone that you love can be dishonest for you and it can end up causing you pain in the end. The fact that you want more, and they do not might make it hard for you to trust them and to be close to them without having other thoughts. This can cause you to ruin your relationship and make it hard to hang out with someone.

Also, being friends with someone that you love can be hard for them too. If things do not work out and you get your feelings hurt, you might end up leaving the relationship hurt and having hard feelings towards them.

Changing the Friend Zine

If you want to know that you can change from a friend zone it means that your friend wants to be more than a friend, this can happen, but it doesn’t always.

Being Friends

If you are not okay with just being friends, don’t say you are. This can cause the situation to be hard. When you are friends and you want more, this is harder to control as you become closer to that person.

Accepting It

If you decide to just stay friends with someone you love, learn to give them a chance. They have made a decision not to be with you and it is illogical and unfair of you to expect them to want to be with you.

Improve You

Everyone can improve something about themselves. Take time to care about yourself and how you look and how you act. You can be hot and interesting and if your love interest does not fall in love with you, maybe you will meet a special persona long the way.


Spend time doing things with your friend if you are going to stay friends that is not romantic. Go out to eat at fun places but do not do romantic dinners. Be friendly and go shopping or do fun things that friends do.


It never hurts for you to flirt a little and so if you are teasing or flirting with your love interest, maybe it will spark something. If the one that you love points out something, he likes about you, maybe they are flirting back.


Being in love with someone that doesn’t love you back leaves you with different options. You can give up; you can be friends with them, or you can try to get them to love you. The third one is the most honest one, but it will not always work out the way that you want it to.

When you become a true friend with someone, you have to pick the relationship that works the best for both of you.