Being Married Without Monogamy

Being Married Without Monogamy

November 12, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Some people look for relationships that are open. This can mean that they are married but being with different partners.

These feelings can happen no matter how good you were raised or what kind of home that you lived in, rather you were a happy child or if you have been in loving relationships with people. Some people question being married, and they question monogamy.

If you find someone that is interested in an open marriage, you will find that you can be happy and be with someone that agrees with this kind of relationship. As long as this works out for both married people, there can be a lifetime of fun and excitement, being with different partners, depending on your desire at the time.

Being in this relationship can mean you can spend time just laying in the bed, or you can go as far as sleeping with each other and loving them, without marriage.

Dating someone that is married might be hard and it could end up with the couple breaking up, but even if you choose to be with someone, you may not even want to engage them or ever marry them.

If you choose not to be married, you still might choose to stay partners forever. You might do this because you think it is romantic and a decision that fits you rather than a standard arrangement of marriage.

Life Partner

If you choose not to be married, you might choose to be life partners. This can mean that you are wanting things to be simple in case you break up with each other. You can both decide that the best thing that you can do is to start a business together or do something to keep your relationship strong. You might even make your partnership legal.

You can create things with your relationship and find ways to keep it exciting. You must have rules and you have to have boundaries in case a break up happens such as sharing part of the company and splitting the profits.

Most likely, you will hope that you never have to split your business or your relationship, but you must be proactive in case it happens.

Open Relationship

You may choose to have an open relationship, but you have to make sure that you are careful with this. You need to make sure that you spend time laughing and less time being serious.

You have to always work on improving yourself and doing what you can to make each other happy. If you do choose to have an open relationship, you need to make sure that you keep finding ways to keep the relationship happy and fun.


Being in an open relationship is not for everyone but if you find that it is for you, make sure that you and your partner set boundaries and know what each other wants. Be smart in your relationship and do the best that you can without hurting your partner or without causing them pain. This is a way that you can maintain a happy and fruitful relationship with each other.