Confusing Relationships

Confusing Relationships

September 17, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Relationships can be the best of times and can be the worst of times and when your boyfriend is giving you mixed signals, your relationship can be confusing on top of all of it.

Here are some tips you can use if you are in a relationship where you are confused:


Maybe you are in a relationship where your boyfriend will just out of nowhere want to have his own time and his own space. Even though you do not want him around you 24/7 because you need your space too, he might get upset if you have been out for awhile or if he has spent a lot of his time with you.

On top of that, chances are that he is always looking at his phone and carrying it around wherever you go. Even though you want to be happy, it is true that you might be confused at what your boyfriend wants. Maybe in reality, he just needs to have his own space, but maybe there are other deeper issues.


Other situations can happen such as you are worrying that your partner is cheating. If you feel in your heart that you might have a cheating partner, chances are your intuition is right. If you keep picking up on different cues that they are not being honest, admit this to yourself and move forward.


Take time to let your relationship flourish. If it does not or if you are always rushing things, this can push your partner away. Sometimes when things seem to go fast, a man might be worried, and this can cause them to send out bad vibes.

If you have been dating for less than a year, you should not be putting your finances together or buying furniture for your own home. Take time to get to know each other and yourself.

Trust Your Feelings

Do you get the feeling that you should be checking your partners phone? If you have these feelings, you must admit that you most likely do not trust your spouse. Why is this happening? There has to be a reason that causes you not to trust your partner, something that has gone wrong.

If you have a gut feeling that is telling you to trust yourself, listen. Chances are you will find out that your boyfriend is cheating or doing something that does not fit your idea of a real relationship. Pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues that your partner is giving you because this will help you to decide what he is trying to tell you.


When you are with your boyfriend, take time for yourself and give them space. Of course, you want to be connected, but you have to allow both of you to have your alone time and to have your own space.

Never check your partners phone and both of you need to have some privacy in your dating life. This can change when you get married but until then, you have no right to have his passwords or to be in his private stuff.

Can you figure out what is confusing you in your relationship? Take time to face what is bothering you and talk to your partner. Try to work things out. If you feel that your relationship is not working out or if you are not confident enough to talk to your partner about things that bother you, maybe you need to look for someone new in your life.

Always follow your intuition and it will guide you.