He is about to Dump You: Here are the Signs

He is about to Dump You: Here are the Signs

October 31, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Being dumped is far from a pleasant experience. It seems those on the outside of the relationship can always see it coming long before we actually experience it. If you are in a relationship and not sure what is actually happening, look for the following signs that signal trouble is on the horizon.

It Feels Off

That deep down gut feeling that something is seriously wrong or something is a bit off is familiar, but we tend to ignore it or talk ourselves out of there being real problems. Still, this is usually a sign that the other person is unhappy with how the relationship is going. You may be able to talk things through, lay it all on the table, at this stage, but if your partner is not willing to open up then you may want to prepare for the worst.

Everything Else is More Important

If you are of such little importance that you are never the first thing on his mind, then he does not care enough about you to continue in the relationship. He has likely already checked out, but has not let it be known to you.

Nothing Seems to Cause a Bother

If not having dinner ready, being late, or your movie choices used to drive your partner up the wall, but now there are no complaints, this can be a bad sign. It is not that the other person has learned to love your choices, but that they are so checked out it no longer matters. Your partner has given up. Some go as far as encouraging you to chat with others so you will move on as well.

No Sex Life

If you were once quite active and now sex is not occurring, then he is ready to move on to someone new. This is even worse if sex was once how he demonstrated love.

He has Female Friends

While guys can have platonic female friends, if they suddenly started taking priority over time with you, it is a sign he is interested in someone else. This is a type of emotional affair, even though guys are less likely to have an emotional affair. So, if he is showing signs of one, he has broken up with you without yet telling you.

Annoyed by Normal Desires

You may have been content with evenings at home for a while, but if he starts getting annoyed when you ask for things like a simple date, sex, or even time together, then either he needs space or you need to find someone new.

You Give Effort, He Doesn’t

Some guys will not make any effort in a relationship. For some, this is how they push a girl to break up with them. It is not up to one partner to shoulder all the effort. Give him what he wants and kick him to the curb as soon as possible. You deserve better.

He’s Not Trying

When he gives up on the small things like making you laugh or even keeping himself looking great, then it could be that he is just super comfortable with you or it could be he does not care. Partners should never stop chasing each other and making a real effort.

He is Being Rude

When you first met, he may have been all complements and clingy, always wanting to be by your side. If he now has no issue calling you fat or being hurtful, then the relationship is dead in the water. You have turned into his punching bag emotionally and your feelings deserve much better.

More Bad Days Than Good

This one is for both of you. If the days you have together seem to be more bad than good, it is time to split up and find separate happiness.

He is Already Looking

This should be an obvious sign, but many miss it. If your partner is looking for someone else through dating apps or in person or has already cheated, walk away. You deserve someone committed to the relationship.

Finances are Tight

Things happen and finances get tight at times, but if he suddenly has a vice grip on the wallet, but his work remains the same, he is planning to move out and is saving up. This is a classic “escape plan” so be ready and prepare for your own changes.

No Future Plans

You may have once been talking about a concert months away, a vacation next summer, or even a wedding, but suddenly you are not part of his future plans. This means he does not plan for a future that involves you and you need to make plans of your own with someone new.

No Confrontation or Constant Fighting

Couples fight sometimes, but if you have stopped fighting and nothing is ever being discussed, he has shut down. This will lead to disaster. On the other side of this, if all you do is fight, then there are deeper issues. If they cannot be calmly discussed, walk away from one another for good. Some people choose to pick constant fights as an excuse to leave, let them go.

Your Needs are Filled Elsewhere

If you are hesitant to ask for affection or about to cheat to have this need met, then walk away because he will when he finds out.

He is Out without You

Guys need some time to hang with their friends once in a while, so do women, but if he is constantly out without you, then he wants out and is sending the signals to let go.

Major Decisions and Events

You guys are willing to talk about the future, but you never agree. You may want children and he doesn’t or you want to live in another country and he is a homeboy. Being able to agree on these things are important long term, so split up now if you cannot compromise because it will end in heartbreak. Somewhat related, a guy is much more likely to leave if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Be prepared to go it alone if something heavy enters your life.