Home Makeover, Post-Breakup Style

Home Makeover, Post-Breakup Style

February 7, 2019 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Memories of relationships can linger for a long time after the end of the relationship. When it comes to your living space, there are probably all kinds of things around that remind you of him. From the table where you shared meals to the couch where you cuddled for movies, from the bedroom where you fought to all the places you made love, your home is filled with memories and energy from the relationship. Do you want to be free from it? You certainly can be with an easy home makeover, post-breakup style.

The great thing about this kind of home makeover is that it’s not necessary to renovate the space, to replace everything, or move someplace else. The goal is simple: to make the space feel like it’s yours again, your own personal and comfortable space to come home to.

Here are five easy tips to help you do that!

Get Rid of Your Ex’s Stuff

Things that belong to your ex don’t belong in your space anymore. His clothes—yes, even his shirt that you still love to sleep in—his food, and his furniture all need to go. If you’re feeling generous, you could give your ex a bit of time to pick it up. You could even pack it all up for him. But whatever he doesn’t claim needs to be donated or discarded. This is your space.

Get Rid of Reminders of the Relationship

The next step is to go for the things that remind you of the relationship. You don’t need to display the pictures of you two anymore. And if you can’t separate his energy from the gifts that he gave you, then those things need to go, too. If getting rid of these things feels like too overwhelming right now, at least pack them up and stash them away for a while. Put them in a storage unit, in the basement, at a friend’s house, or in the back of your closet.

Claim the Space as Your Own Again

Once you’ve cleared away all the reminders of your ex, go to each room and make notes on ways you could use the space moving forward. Redecorate with items that you love. This can be especially satisfying if you use themes or items that your ex didn’t want around. Think about the fabrics and the colors that appeal to you. You could set up a reading nook or a crafting area. This is your space, and you don’t have to make compromises when it comes to your comfort anymore.

Surround Yourself With Encouragement

Your new sanctuary needs some encouraging elements. Place a vision board for your next trip, your new life, or even your next love, in a prominent place. Decorate the space with encouraging quotes, using the frames from all the pictures of you and your ex! Or fill the frames with photos of your friends, your family, and your pets. Be sure to include reminders of the good things about singleness, too.

Attract New Energy Into the Space

Make some new non-relationship-related memories in your home. Host a brunch party for your friends, invite your parents over for dinner, or begin a meditation ritual in the middle of your living room. Let the new, positive energy push out the old, negative energy. Welcome all that’s wonderful and fresh!

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