How to Make Your Relationship Grow

How to Make Your Relationship Grow

October 17, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

When there is a relationship, there is you and your partner, and this becomes a part of a whole. This is how any relationship starts, rather it is a good relationship or not. The energy and time that people put into their relationships will help to create a strong relationship. You either become a part of an unhealthy relationship or you become part of a healthy relationship.

No matter how old you are, you feel like a little kid once you go to see your parents and enter your growing up home. This happens because of the relationship that you have had with your parents. You have known them your whole life and this is why you are comfortable towards them.

The way that you put time into your relationship will decide if you are going to grow stronger or if you are going to be weak in the relationship. This shows that a relationship can be powerful no matter how much you change or no matter how much things become different. You have to learn to put up boundaries so that your relationship can be strong.

The same situation happens when you sit down with someone that has been a friend for years. They accept you for who you are, and they want to lift you up and show you how much they care. They care about your emotions and they encourage you to be who you are. If you do not have a friend in your life like this, you might need to talk to a life coach to find out how to form these kinds of relationships.

Relationships grow or they do not. If you are in an intimate relationship with someone, chances are that you will either grow or you will stay the same. It is not a big discovery, but you might come to the point where you feel that you deserve better than the relationship that you are in.

Seeing how powerful your relationship is can be life changing. There are many people that get into poor relationships and this causes them not to be able to grow. This happens because you are putting your life in the wrong hands.

Most people become very attracted to someone or fall for someone because of how smart they are or because they make a lot of sense to us. There are different ways we can be attracted to others and this can be physical, spiritual, emotional, because of their body or personality, their humor or maybe even more than one of these reasons.

In order to build a strong relationship, you have to be attracted to someone so that the relationship can grow into something more. Attraction does not always happen with a healthy reason and some people are attracted to those that are not good for us or that are the bad boys in the group.

You may realize down the line that you are attracted to someone but that is all that you get out of the relationship and that is not enough.

We must decide what we want in a relationship so that we can learn to grow. When you show interest in someone and you have some kind of attraction, you have to figure out why and what you are really interested in.

Emotional Intelligence

This kind of attraction is not just about someone that reads books on how to be better. This is someone that acts better and wants to have a good lifestyle. This is someone that can own up to what they have in life and be aware of things that are wrong.

The person that has this intelligence is compassionate with others, creates a safe place for you and not just someone that reacts to things.

This person will be able to give you space and will have chemistry all at the same time. Chances are though that they will stunt your growth because they can only give you so much of their time.


People that are more aware of what they have going on in their lives are able to talk a certain way. They want to be better and they are able to talk about their feelings. This is not just because they are interested but because they want to learn, and they want to see revelations in their life. They want to be the best person that they can be and because of this, you find them more interesting.


After you go through the honeymoon stage with someone then chances are things will get back to your regular and boring life. This means there will be ups and downs and things will change in your work, life, and all over. You need to be careful not to become worried or to be discouraged. When you start feeling these things, it can cause you to not have a strong relationship or life.


Trust is built on someone that is consistent and that is there for you. Even if the person changes, they are still what you need them to be. You will change and so will your partner. Everyone goes through different kinds of changes.

Being consistent means that you are able to change but you change with your partner. It means that you put in as much energy as they do, and you have a strong connection. Being connected means that you are trusting of each other and when you become disconnected, trust leaves.

A relationship that does not have trust will not grow and till stunt your growth. Even if you and your partner are attracted to each other, this does not always mean that there is room for growth.

The reason that relationships often do not work out is because of resistance. No matter what happens, no one in the relationship will be perfect and no one will miss out on the ups and downs of life. It doesn’t matter how much you have changed, there will be things that can upset you.


When there is resistance in your relationship there will be triggers that set your partner off. You will find that you are easily agitated over small things such as how your partner does the dishes or when they leave their socks by the couch. This is unhealthy even though it is just human exchange. When you love each other, there will be a time when you realize that everyone has shortcomings and faults.

These triggers will cause you to either run from the relationship or let it to grow. It will cause you to look inside and see what you want in your life.

If you have chosen to love your partner and you trust them, their love can cause you to be stronger. They can teach you to grow and help you to be a better person and partner.