Important Signs They Give You About Being Ready (Or Not) to be in a Relationship

Important Signs They Give You About Being Ready (Or Not) to be in a Relationship

January 29, 2021 0 By Lexie Hernandez

It can be tough to understand if a person is truly ready for relationship.  If you overanalyze you can push away a healthy potential partner.  If you ignore warning bells, you risk entering a toxic pairing.  Use an attitude of awareness and patience to notice how they behave and what might be (or might not be) said.  Below, we start with some key signals they desire a long-term romance.

  1. They redecorate their space: They want you to feel comfortable when you come over, so they will buy you a coffee machine, yoga machine, or new sheets.
  2. They take you to formal events: They want you to join them to dinner parties or family reunions.  They want everyone in their life to know how special you are to them.
  3. They worry about your health: This includes making sure you eat healthy, exercise regularly and get the nagging cough checked out.
  4. They try to help you out: At the first signs of distress, they are working with you to discover a proactive and meaningful solutions to your problems.  This includes picking you up at work, grabbing your favorite comfort food when you aren’t feeling well, or going with you to difficult social gatherings.
  5. You are welcome to spend time alone in their home: They trust you won’t damage their property or steal anything of value
  6. They want to interact with your friends and family: These people mean a lot to you, so it is important for them to get to know your loved ones.  They may even bring a meaningful gift over to the next get together.
  7. They own their flaws: If they make a mistake, they quickly address it so it never happens again.
  8. You never worry an argument is about to lead to a breakup: You may disagree about issues and have misunderstandings, but you are both able to voice concerns to find solutions that result in strengthening your relationship in the long run.
  9. They open up even with tough issues: Not everything in life is easy, it addressing the difficult moments like money or intimacy issues that help prevents resentment.
  10. They value the simple gestures: The appreciate both doing and receiving small, but impactful gifts to show sincere caring.
  11. They embrace your goals: They care about nurturing your dreams and seeing you happy, successful, and fulfilled.
  12. They take interest in your pastimes: They champion you growing in your passions.  They much not as much pleasure in them as you do, but they desire to learn the basics so you both can connect more deeply when you discuss your hobbies and interests.
  13. They inquire about your day, even the minor stuff: Nothing is too boring from them because they care about what makes you tick.
  14. They love being with you: This includes being involved in fun, thrilling, quiet and mundane moments.
  15. They treat you well without any expectations: They shower you with love without waiting for you to return the favor because they care about you.
  16. They include your needs in their errand run: This is simple act to show they care.
  17. They are invested in your problems and fixing them: Even the little inconveniences like forgetting something at the store or bringing you a mug of tea when you are sick.
  18. Willingness to discuss serious topics: This helps ensure you remain on the same page.
  19. Ability to listen: Active listening shows you they are present during conversation and able to help you both process the conversation.
  20. Willingness to do nice things for you
  21. Remembering the simple, but impactful acts you have done for them
  22. Mindful of your needs: Because they care they will ask if you have had enough to eat, drink or rest.  They will also be willing to watch one of your favorite shows or movies because they know it will make you smile.
  23. Follows up on your recommendations: They value your tastes and insights.
  24. Willingness to be vulnerable: By sharing concerns, thoughts, and emotions signals they are done trying to merely impress you and wants to take the relationship to a deeper level.
  25. Comfortable sharing silence
  26. Acts honestly and transparently: You never wonder about where they are or if what they are telling is true. There is always explanation and reason behind what they share.
  27. Doesn’t play games: What you see is what you get.  They are stable and share why something might be altering their typical pattern.
  28. Dating apps or profiles have been deleted: You are the person they have been searching for.
  29. Their loved ones are in stable relationships: People often assume the habits of those around them.  This is a good indicator that they are ready for long-term commitment.

Warning that you are being used

The following list are major red flags to help you become aware this might not be the right relationship for you.  Listen to your instincts regarding their intentions towards you and be ready to vocalize your concerns to ensure you stay on the same page.

  1. They shut down when things don’t go their way: They gaslight you because they focus their attention on people that give them what they want, every time.
  2. They guilt trip you: This is another attempt to get you to do what they want.
  3. They force you to cancel plans on their behalf and will get upset if you refuse: Again, they are focused on their needs and minimize the concern of others.
  4. Commonly discusses their exes: It might feel like they are complaining endlessly or being compared to their unrealistic and lofty expectations.
  5. Views their exes as “crazy:” They continue to act as a victim to elicit sympathy, or they lack the skills and emotional maturity to foster a healthy love.
  6. Oversteps your boundaries, especially physical ones
  7. You aren’t a priority: They commonly make plans that don’t involve you.  They are quick to cancel dates for a “better offer.”
  8. Makes dates with little notice: This shows they don’t value your time or commitments.
  9. Dates are focused on physicality rather than socializing
  10. Avoids labeling your relationship
  11. Won’t introduce you to loved ones: Having you meet friends and family opens you both up for questions about your relationship status and future plans.
  12. Limits physical affection to the bedroom: This helps prevent true intimacy developing.
  13. People comment how they aren’t the “dating” type: This could be said either as jokes or as serious warning.  Always err on the side of caution.
  14. They are overly agreeable: This may due to a weak personality, desire for physicality, or never really listening to anything you say.
  15. Your loved ones criticize them: When you loved ones pick up on warning signs, always listen.  It will be tough, but their objective lens can help you avoid future pain.
  16. They focus on their phone, not you
  17. Makes lame excuses for why they didn’t contact you sooner: Its ok for someone to occasionally delay getting back to you.  If seems constant, this is sign they aren’t valuing your time or affection.
  18. Avoids any future plans with you: If they won’t discuss going to an event a month or so in the future, signals they don’t envision sticking around you for long.
  19. Keeps your relationship secret
  20. Fails to use protection during physical intimacy
  21. Superficial conversations are common: This person never confides in you about what is going on in their mind, let alone issues with their work or loved ones.  Maybe they are a private person, but you also might need to consider they aren’t willing to develop trust with you.