Is Dating Your Friend Really a Good Idea?

Is Dating Your Friend Really a Good Idea?

December 5, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

When you become closer friends with someone, there is a chance that you will begin to have romantic feelings. When this happens and you becoming attracted to your friend, you might wonder if these feelings are firm or if you should push them back. You might wonder if you should act these feelings out.

You need to look deep inside of yourself and you need to ask yourself questions before you make any kind of action. What are these feelings and how strongly have your feelings changed? Do you feel that you are having reeling’s that will last? How are you and your friend getting along? How is the relationship? What does it look like?

Do you believe that you and your friend could work out romantically? Do you feel that their feelings are like yours and that you will be able to be together and take the friendship further?

This can be a huge decision and even though your feelings might be confusing to you, you need to make a smart decision and decide if you should date your friend or keep it a friendship.

Advantages of Dating Your Friend

One of the biggest advantages of dating your friend is that you already know each other. You know the good, the bad and the ugly about each other. You already trust them, and you feel comfortable with them.

There is a big chance that you and your friend are comfortable with each other and know all the secrets and do not have those awkward moments that dating someone new would bring.


If you have a best friend, more than likely, he has already been a part of your life for some time and has already met your family and your friends.

Your family and friends will not have to be introduced to him again and it could take away the hard feeling of introducing your family to your new partner. You might like that you share the same social network, and you know that your friend already fits in the bigger picture of your life.

They Know You

Dating can be hard and getting to know someone can be trying. If you are dating your friend, you already know each other, and you do not have to try hard to impress them.

Dating someone new can be pressuring and if you are with a best friend, you know they already love and care about you and they have seen you when you are in your sweats with no makeup on.


Your best friend will already be someone that you trust, and you feel secure with. You will have secrets with each other, and they will be there for you no matter what. They will take care of you and will help you through things you go through.

You will express the same anger and happiness that your friend expresses because they will get mad with you and feel sad with you. They will understand you and you understand them.

Long Term

This will be a person that you have a long-term relationship with already and that you have a lot of invested in. Being with this person means that if it doesn’t work out, it can lead to pain, but you will have less drama and emotional problems than you would have with someone else.

Disadvantages of Dating a Friend

The biggest disadvantage of dating your friend is that if you break up that you risk losing a great friend. We all know that not all relationships work out and so if you date your friend and it ends, you might have a hard time being close to them again.

Before you begin this relationship, make sure that you will be able to stay friends if it doesn’t work out.

Dynamics Change

When you are friends with someone you act a certain way and things are a certain way, but things change when you begin dating them.

You will have more obligations to this person and more responsibilities than you had when you were friends. Make sure you talk about this before you begin to date.

More than a Best Friend

If you are dating your best friend, you most likely have the same friends in a circle. If you break up, you will have a hard time keeping the same friends and it will change the relationship drastically.

Support of Friends

You will need to have a good network of friends in order to make your romantic relationship work. If you need someone to vent to, you will have to turn to someone besides your friend that you are dating, and he will need new friends to vent to as well.

Liking Them

Once you start dating someone, you might realize that you don’t like them as much as you did when you were friends. Dating a friend can be harder and it can cause you to have to work harder than you did in the friendship.

If you find that you are not liking them as much as you did, you might just be going through something or this can be a bigger issue than you thought.


If you think dating your best friend is a good idea, you need to make sure that you look the situation over before you make the plunge. Make sure that you and your friend feel the same about each other and talk things through. Make sure that you are with someone that will bring you happiness.

If you choose to take this relationship to the next step, make sure that you find people that you can seek advice from and that you can talk to.