Love Without Labels

Love Without Labels

November 10, 2019 0 By Lexie Hernandez

In every romantic relationship you are either dating or a committed to boyfriend/girlfriend/partner to each other, right?!  Wrong, it is possible to find happiness with a person without having to put a label on your love.

For people under the age of 25 or so, things have become a lot more fluid.  Instead of previous generations which saw things as black or white, this cohort is fond of living amongst various shades of grey.  When it comes to love in their eyes people don’t have to be just single or “in a relationship.”  Instead the focus can be more on enjoying each other’s time, thoughts, emotions and bodies.

Millennials and younger individuals view love as messy.  People with label can feel like they have to live up to expectations more and racing into a relationship can lead to insecure (or even jealous) thinking.  As a result, they are a more reserve and more hesitant to enter into a serious relationship.  We have compiled a few points to help you have to safely navigate finding love without labels.

Single v. Partner?

You met a cute person whose company you enjoy.  How do you handle it when another person approaches you and expresses interest in having a fling with you?  Should message your cutie and tell them about the proposition, or should you throw caution into the wind and go out and enjoy time with the lothario, maybe you should just go home and binge your favorite show?

Experts say it is best to have ground rules set up with your cutie well in advance of any such predicament.  These rules ought to be a living document that you both address periodically to refine as your thoughts and expectations evolve.  That said in the previous situation you should message your cutie for guidance before taking any further action.

Should We Do Play by Plays?

You met someone at the bar during your girls’ night, and you kissed them.  Worse, you enjoyed it and might want to do it again.  Should you tell you cutie what happened, and if so, what level of detail should you provide?

Experts say to make no labels love healthy; you both must have complete trust in one another.  You need to establish what level of intimacy is appropriate to have with another person and how to share your sexploits with one another.  This cannot just be a one-time conversation to ensure neither of you hold back any negative emotion, thought or expectation.  To have label-less love you must constantly work on your communication skills.  When you omit facts or truths you subconsciously encourage them to respond in kind; this ultimately will lead to erosion in the confidence in the dynamic.

Respect is Crucial!

You and your label-less love are both enjoying each other and the benefits of your open romance.  You decide to make out with the office hottie.  Things escalate quickly and they soon propose you have sex.  What do you do?  First, you need to know ahead of time if you both have agreed to sex with other partners.  Next, if you have you need to make sure you carry condoms on you at all times and are comfortable asking that new person about their sexual history.  Instead of typical bedroom flings, you have more than just your health to worry about here.  If you happen to contract an STD you will also be putting your label-less love at risk as well!  To fully show your love respect you need to be able to be honest with them about all your extracurricular activities and how in those fun encounters you are able to maintain their best interest at the same time.

No Cyber Stalking!

Love without labels means you will at times you can see online what your cutie is up to when you aren’t with them.  This means you may see other people the are seeing besides you, and you need to be okay with it.  This open affair can’t just be a one-way street for your fun explorations.  Don’t fixate on the social media images and instead use what you both can see as opportunities for healthy dialogue.  You can also find a time to discuss what you both feel comfortable sharing and seeing from one another online.  If you feel too conflicted by seeing the other people on your cutie’s feeds than it is ok to unfollow them without worrying about it damaging what you have together.

Find Personal Peace with Your Openness

You both have been invited to a public event.  You are looking forward to some good times with some friends and enjoying some fun with your cutie.  Yet, you aren’t sure how you will handle answering the inevitable questions regarding your couple status from nosy strangers.

People, especially older generations don’t handle ambiguity very well.  There may be folks that can pressure you into embracing a label, not because it makes it easier for the two of you, but because it is simpler for that person to comprehend.  Although your primary relationship is with your cutie, you both have brought other people you love into your arrangement just based on the fact those people love you individually.  To have harmony in your situation it behooves you both to make sure you have the support of your personal networks.  Talk out concerns, expectations and strategies together before going to the event.  By remaining on the same page in public you can be more accepted by others based on your shared confidence as a united twosome.