Married Myths

Married Myths

July 18, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

When you get married you will see that your relationship will change. This is something that some people cannot imagine happening after being married but in some cases when you get married, the sexual situation will change. There are some myths that you should know before you tie the knot.

Scheduled Sex

One thing that is a myth is that once you are married you have to schedule sex. This is not real. You will have time that you can spend with your partner and this will give you time to look forward to having sex with them. Having sex on a daily routine can make your intimacy grow and if the sex is scheduled it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Wedding Night

Most people seem to think that a couple will have wild sex on the night of their marriage, but the truth is that the event is so tiring that the couple might not even have a chance to have sex that night at all. Do not feel that if you are getting married soon that you have to be comfortable that this will happen, just let things happen as they are.


Some people believe that when you get married that your spouse will no longer be attracted to you, especially if you change or put on weight. The myth is untrue, and you will stay together, and you will learn to grow closer and to be emotionally and physically connected.


Your spouse knows you and after you get married, your spouse will know your tricks and the pleasure you have with sex. The myth is that once you are married that your spouse will know all your tricks, but this is not true and there is a lot of area left to be explored. Your partner will learn to satisfy you in many ways.


The myth is once you get married you will no longer be a priority. This is not true. A couple that is in love will make time to be together even if the schedule is busy.

Boring Sex

Some believe that once someone is married that the sex will be boring. The truth is that once you exchange vows and you are married; you will feel more comfortable experimenting with things and learning to keep the sex fun.


Many believe that once you are married that no one in the relationship will masturbate. This is not true, and your sex life does not always match with the time that your partner has. Being able to masturbate can help you with this problem and give you a chance to experiment with your own body.


There are many different myths with being married but you should always look into these myths to see if they are true for you or not.