Signs They Want to Break Up

Signs They Want to Break Up

February 26, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

When you move in with someone that you are in a partnership with, it doesn’t mean that this is a milestone, it means that this can be something that changes the way your relationship goes, completely.  You will have intimacy at your fingertips, and you will be seen with morning breath, wake up hair and all of the things about you that are not beautiful and fun.  They will see how organized you are or aren’t and even when you fart, they will be there.  You will have to deal with making your bed, paying rent, cleaning and all of the things that come with living together.  The last thing that you would ever expect to happen in this situation is the relationship to end.

If you get feelings that your partner wants to end your relationship, you are going to have to address this as soon as you can.

You will have to come to terms with the fact that your relationship may not last.  If things are going downwards, it can cause you to doubt your happiness and theirs.  This can cause you to feel sad and to be angry.  You probably moved in because you saw a future together and hoped for marriage.

Whatever you thought, breaking up with someone can be hard and hurtful.  It also gets complicated when you live together.  Who moves out?  Who gets what?  How do you split all the stuff that you bought together?

Signs They Want to Break Up

When you start to notice signs, you will have to know to have a plan and what you will want to do.


If you and your partner have stopped communicating or he starts to come home really late, chances are breaking up is on his mind.  If he stops answering your texts and is always too busy for you, chances are that you need to start asking question.


Another sign of a future breaks up is when you stop being intimate with each other.  Most partners should have sex at least once a week and if you see that the sex is declining, chances are your partner is thinking about other ideas and who he wants to be with.  Ask them.


All people get frustrated with each other but if you notice this happening all the time or if they are always hateful for no reason, this can be a sign that they are changing their feelings for you.

If they become short with you and snap at you a lot, then chances are they are not respecting you or being good to you.  Take this as a warning sign.

Wanting Space

Before you get nervous about these signs, remember that sometimes a partner needs some alone time.  Alone time is not a bad thing and can be helpful in a relationship.  Everyone needs some space.  It is important for you and him to have friends and to be able to hang out with them.

But, if you find that your partner is never wanting to be with you and is always wanting space, you should consider this a major warning sign.

What to Do?

If your partner is showing behaviors, these could be due to what they are going through in life or they could be about you.  They might be tired because of work or upset with their families.  There could be a number of reasons that your partners behaviors have changed.  The best thing to do is to ask them and to communicate with them to know what is going on.

Ask your partner why they are acting that way and find out where the conversation takes you.  Acknowledge that things are not normal and find out what is going on inside of them.  Ask them if they are happy and if things are okay.

If you decide you want to make your relationship to work, go out and get therapy or get professional help.  Know that you have his best interest in heart and that you want to understand your partners feelings.

If you see that things are causing a distance and you want to break up with your partner, make sure that you take time to heal.  Know that the most important thing is that when you move out that you begin to heal inside and that you take time for yourself.

This conversation can be hard and when it leads to a breakup, it can be painful and hurtful.  Know that you will have feelings, but you will learn to work things out for the best and you will be able to care for yourself until you find true love again.