The Law of Attraction and Finding Love

The Law of Attraction and Finding Love

October 24, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Most people are not really heart experts, but you can still get some good relationship advice if you are just open and you listen. This can happen because people have been in many different kinds of relationships. Some people fall in love with those that do not like them, and their real love is never returned.

There are others that will build someone up in their minds and fall hard for them, only to find out that this relationship would never be logical and would never work out for them.

There will be people that you like along the way and you might have even been with people that likes you a lot but then would later end the relationship for no reason.

Falling in love with people that never feel the same about you can cause you to feel bad about who you are and make you feel that you are unable to be loved or that you are not good enough.

Once you learn about the Law of Attraction though, you will find that you can be in the relationship that you want and on top of that, you can also manifest money to yourself along with joy and happiness.

The point of the Law of Attraction is that whatever you put into the universe will be returned to you. You have to learn to take control of your thoughts and your talk. When you do not have anything positive to talk or think about, do not say anything at all.

Romance can be hard and sometimes you get in a relationship where you end up even more alone than you started. When that happens, chances are you become frustrated and you have a hard time understanding what is going on. The truth is you have to let go of things in the past and negative things in your life.

Bad things will happen in your life including in your love life. You can sit back and imagine that this is always going to be the end line for you or maybe you end up dating the same type of people over and over again just to keep ending up with a broken heart. You might even feel that the universe is punishing you.

You have to stop for a moment in time and think about what is going on in your life. Do you really think that you are unlucky in love?  If you want to see things get better in your life, you have to change the way that you are attracting people and situations in your life.

Stop talking negative and stop sending out negative vibes. Learn to avoid being with people that are not showing you love or those that are always critical of you.

When you do things, it gives you something in return. Your conscious mind will not always make sense to you but even if you have had a bad love life in your past, there is someone in your world that is going to desire you, if they do not already.

You have to figure out what is going on in your thinking and change it. You have no choice but to change your thought pattern, and you are the only one that can be in control of this.

Attracting the Right Person

You can never attract the right person to you if all of your energy and attention is focused on negative things. You have to stop focusing on bad things and on all the things that you don’t want in a relationship. You have to learn to change your energy. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want is not the same thing.

When you choose to focus on your past relationships or past failures, you begin to think of all the bad things that have happened to you and you get caught up in it. This is a toxic way of thinking. If you are carrying around the idea that guys are all bad and that they are just heartbreakers, then you will call people into your life that are heartbreakers.

Change the way that you think. Learn to call out to the universe what kind of person that you want to meet. Imagine meeting this person and them having all of the qualities that you want in a relationship and a person. Do not hold anything back.

Pay attention to all of the negative things that have been limiting your thoughts and your behaviors. Do not keep worrying about meeting a perfect guy, the universe will bring to you what you are attracting. This has to do with your relationship, money, joy, and all things in your life.

Focusing on the negative things or the things that you do not want will make you feel terrible and you need to feel good so that you can raise your vibrations and attract like vibrations.

You want to be in a relationship that makes you feel good. Start having these feelings and thinking about them.

When you believe that you will never feel good until you meet someone in your life, this is a negative feeling. You have to learn to heal from your frustration and from past wounds so that you can find the right person for you. This person will come.

You have to know that you will not always feel good but most of your feelings have to be positive and you have to get rid of the negative thinking.

Meeting Someone

You can meet someone a million different ways and the universe will know when the perfect meeting is to take place. You might meet them at a bar or at your workplace. Chances are you will meet someone that you have never met before or maybe even someone through a mutual friend.

What would be a boring night for you might end up with a great meeting that you never expected. You will have no idea when or who you are going to meet but it doesn’t matter, you will meet this person if you change your mindset.

You could end up meeting someone in the store or at a coffee shop. This could be your dream person. Do not get attached to each person that you meet but make sure that you have the right feelings and your intuition shows you this is the right person.

Love can happen to you and you do not have to take any kind of action to find the right person except for believing that you will and being positive.

When you meet people, go with the flow. Do not try to make the universe send you someone or make you attracted to everyone you see. Let things happen at the right speed and let the situation come as it may.

Don’t worry about things like blind date disasters or having someone that you meet ghosting you. We all have situations that happen, but we have to look at the positive side of life. If you meet someone like this, chances are they weren’t the right person for you, and you need to move on till the right person comes along.

Let the universe be your matchmaker and then you will get exactly what you want.  Stop standing in the way of your own happiness.