These are the things you have to be aware of before you try online dating

These are the things you have to be aware of before you try online dating

April 19, 2019 0 By Lexie Hernandez

In the process of finding love, quite a number of us have tried online dating. It has always been seen as a platform for the desperate but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a norm. a recent survey shows that 35% of people who got married between 2012 and 2015 who were about 19,000 individuals met online with about half of them meeting through online dating sites.

Can these sites help you find love and what obstacles should you take note of?

Let’s begin with the impacts of dating sites…


You get to meet new and different types of individuals. The advantageous part of online dating is you easily meet quite a number of potentials and this is very essential especially to people who don’t socialize a lot. In addition to this, you are able to meet like-minded individuals. There are different dating sites; for lesbians, for religious groups and even for gays.

You are able to know people’s decisions and choices. Through online dating sites, you are always sure that everyone there is single and searching, unlike other social media platforms. This disregard the confusion you always have when you meet somebody at a party or at work.

You are able to do away with the ancient gender responsibilities. Online dating sites make it easy for us to communicate and reach out to individuals who we might not be able to approach in person. Research also shows that women nowadays reach out to men on these sites although it is believed that its men who usually reach out to women. This, therefore, means that women have overcome gender roles, they approach men rather than waiting to be approached.

It’s good for individuals who are shy. It is always hard for shy people to maintain or get into relationships. Research shows that introverts always find it easy communicating online. It easier for them to open up and approach other people online. Therefore, the fact that shy people get love online is not a surprise.

There are however many disadvantages than advantages…


There is a high chance of too many options being a bad thing. Although online dating sites introduce you to quite a number of people, it’s not always good to have all those options. Research shows that if we have many options to choose from, we always tend not to be satisfied with one.  It’s frustrating not to have choices but having many of them is exhausting and can make you worried. The many numbers of potentials bring with them a lot of choices. Such that if you feel someone isn’t your taste, there are others you can choose from.

They do not provide the whole information. These sites usually miss out on a lot of information such that you can’t tell if you and the other person are compatible or not based on what they share online. Research shows a lot of individuals spend their time searching for qualities such as height, body, income, and money while what they need is to know the other person on a personal level.

There is a chance of the sites focusing too much on physical beauty. It is true that physical attractiveness contributes to romantic attraction. And it’s not a surprise that physically attractive individuals are more successful when it comes to online dating. I real life when we get to know someone, we will find them more physically appealing as well.  However, if we make a choice based on a profile photo, we are losing on this slow process of physical attraction and there is a chance we will disregard potential partners whom we are likely to get attracted to.

We will miss other opportunities. As mentioned earlier. It’s easier for shy individuals to socialize and find love online on a personal level. However, if we pay much attention to online dating just because it’s safe, we are likely to miss on other opportunities to meet other people.