When Will He Commit?

When Will He Commit?

December 20, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

If you are looking for your partner to commit to you but he has said he isn’t ready for a commitment, it is time to decide what you want and to move towards healing.

Maybe you have been with someone for a long time and you feel that he doesn’t really want to be with you. When you love someone and they don’t love you back, it can be hurtful.


It is hard to be with someone and then have them pull away from you. It can make you feel that you were wrong about the connection hat you had. Maybe he will stop calling or texting or will start canceling dates last minute or maybe he just seems to be hateful all the time.

This is a bad sign for your relationship, and you need to figure out what his intentions are. Chances are that he got involved with you and wasn’t ready or clear with what he wanted in the relationship. Maybe he wanted to be with you, but he doesn’t want to commit right now. Remember, commitment is a choice.

This comes with action and is a decision that you are in the relationship. This only comes after you think things through. People normally don’t choose to commit without thinking things through.

You have to date to know someone before you decide to make a commitment. But if he is not showing that he is ready, then you need to decide how emotionally bonded you are with them.

Learn to be conscious of your relationship at all times so that you can protect yourself and get to know someone. You have to figure things out so that your relationship can be good.

When you are dating someone, you need to see if he is meeting your needs and giving you what you want.

Will He Change His Mind?

You might find that the person that you love will change their mind and want to commit to you, but he might also just want to be friends. Maybe he just wants freedom. If he isn’t trying to deepen your relationship or being emotionally available to you, then he probably won’t change his mind.

But if he seems ready and that he is about to commit to you then he might change. You can never predict the future of the relationship and you are the one that is in control of you.

If you hope that he changes, it can make you feel bad about yourself because you have to wait, and it can make you feel that you are giving up your power.

Putting Your Happiness on Others

You have to learn to love who you are and to concentrate on yourself. You cannot wait for other people to make you happy.

Remember when you love someone, it can be painful and it can make you feel sad or make you feel a loss, especially after a breakup. Concentrate on yourself and learn to give yourself time to heal. It is not your fault if your partner doesn’t want to commit and this does not take away your worthiness.

Never change who you are so that someone will like you because it will end up making you bitter.

Devastating Breakup

When you break up with someone, it can make you feel heartbroken and sad. Loving someone that doesn’t love you back can crush your spirit and it can be hard to get over. Some people can breakup and then get right back in the dating scene while others feel like they have lost who they are.

Is He Right for You?

Whatever problems you have in your relationship, figure out if you feel that the relationship is worth the wait or if you should walk away.

Ask yourself if you are wasting your time and look for red flags that will give you information and will save you from heartbreak. Figure out what your partner wants and if they are potential for a long-term relationship.

Don’t waste your time on someone that doesn’t care about you.