Does Your Relationship Have a Future?

Does Your Relationship Have a Future?

May 29, 2020 0 By Lexie Hernandez

Are you unsure about where your relationship is going? Do you see that things have become negative and you didn’t realize that it was happening?  Do you feel that you put all this work into the relationship and now you and your partner are unhappy, and you feel that you are no longer appreciated?

Here are some signs that your relationship might not last:

They Don’t Accept You

Everyone has things in their relationship that are good and bad. People usually will accept your flaws and love you for who you are and even enjoy you if they want to be with you.

If your partner does not like you for who you are or is always saying things about what you do or how you dress, you need to understand the relationship is probably not going anywhere.

You Can’t Accept Them

Things have to go both ways. You have to accept them if you want them to accept you. You should be able to give your partner the same thing you are asking for. If you cannot, chances are you should not be with them.

Handling Each Other

Relationships are about love and intimacy and if you cannot handle each other then you probably are not happy and relaxed around each other. If you find that you or your partner are always irritated, you are pushing each other away and the relationship will not work out.


Your partner cannot do everything that you need in life and that is not being a good partner when you insist on things. It is important that they meet your needs in the relationship thought. Even if you have a hard day or they worked long hours, they should be able to comfort you and support you at the end of the day. If this cannot happen, the relationship will crumble.

Mental Place

When you find that you are ready to get married and you want to really be serious, you have to sit down and talk about these plans. If you see that their interests are different, you need to know this and realize you are not on the same page.

Relationship Work

If you are always giving and putting things into the relationship and your partner is not, it can become frustrating. You have to both put in the same amount of effort and meet each other halfway.


Trust is the main thing in a relationship and if you struggle to trust each other or you don’t trust them at all, chances are you need to move on. You do not need to be in a place where you feel that you have to constantly check up on your partner. You need to be in the same place together.


When you date your partner and you see that things are not going to be lasting or long-term then you need to accept that. If you want to marry them but you know it is not in their list, move on and find love that makes you happy.